At the law office of Ryan Alexander, we believe that the only thing more important than having the opportunity to learn, is being a good person. So we want to reward good people by taking a little financial stress off while they are in the process of going to school. Fortunately have been able to create a positive impact with our Give Help and Hope programs. From our Ryan Cares Ultimate Christmas Giveaway to the Thanks For Giving Thanksgiving Giveaway, we focus on touching lives in the local Las Vegas community and beyond. With the Ryan Alexander Good Person Scholarship however, we want to reach any student, anywhere in any school. We have been fortunate enough to help students in many states and countries across the globe. Grade school, pre-school, trade school, beauty school, literally any school and you qualify.

Any Student – Any School – Anywhere

With the Ryan Alexander Good Person Scholarship ANY STUDENT, ANY SCHOOL, ANYWHERE has a chance to win and we couldn’t be happier about it. So to be clear, all you have to do to be eligible is be a student and a good person and answer the questions on the application correctly, that’s it. Applying is super easy. Simply fill out a few questions below. We accept applications for the Ryan Alexander Good Person Scholarship Spring scholarships from July 10th through August 10th. Winners will be randomly selected August 12th.

All of the answers to the questions on the application can be found on either Facebook, the YouTube channel or here on the website.


Only 1 winner per household (give others a chance to win), but all students can enter (must be students).

• You must answer all questions correctly to qualify to win.

• You must vote by leaving a comment on the scholarship video for the best participant (they will win money) April – Miguel – Ryker – Hanna – Dany – Jayden.

• Multiple entries with the same person will be disqualified.

• Recipient must be a current student with matching documentation and address.

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