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A warrior in the courtroom, award winning Attorney Ryan Alexander loves going to trial if necessary. He has taken countless civil cases to jury verdict or decision. Although Ryan is accomplished in criminal defense, bankruptcy and other civil matters,  he tends to spend most of his time specializing in personal injury law. That includes car crashes, trucking crashes, Uber & Lyft crashes.

Additionally, he also handles slip and fall injuries in stores or by business employees. Ryan also handles defective products and insurance bad faith cases. Many of Ryan’s cases are claims referred by other lawyers for trial, especially when the legal issues are complicated. 



Ryan truly knows how you feel and sincerely wants to help you move forward.



Harvard Law School graduate. Sometimes that’s all you have to say.



If you want to win, you need someone that can communicate with all parties, period.

“I rather be valuable in the background, than not effective in foreground”

 – Ryan Alexander

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Our clients meet directly with Award winning attorney Ryan Alexander. From the very first meeting Ryan will tell you about the process and then actually answer your questions. Additionally, he also performs the attorney work on the case and will be the attorney sitting beside you at your court appearance.  We pride ourselves on having direct attention to your case; with award winning Attorney Ryan Alexander you will not be passed around multiple paralegals or lawyers like a factory assembly line. Our clients who have met with other firms constantly tell us that we give the most comprehensive and informative initial consultation they have had.

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While there is no shortage of attorneys in Las Vegas, you deserve more than the average attorney. You deserve a team that places you first. With Attorney Ryan Alexander you can see the difference right away. He has built his firm on that foundation and continue to serve clients with honesty, compassion and fierce representation to always get you the best possible results.

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I want to help people facing bankruptcy, which is why I created a Youtube channel. To date that channel has over 20 videos that have over 100,000 views.